General Warranty Statement*
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Company agrees to maintain and service repaired items for one year* with the exception of sinks, other companies' redos, and work deemed non-guaranteeable at the time of repair.  Repairs necessitated by ordinary wear & tear are not covered under this guarantee.  Such repairs, including all parts & labor, shall be the financial responsiblity of the Customer/Homeowner.  This warranty only covers failures due to defects in materials & workmanship which occur during normal use while original Customer/Homeowner occupies residence. 

This warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper maintenance, accidents, external causes, adverse contact, abuse, neglect, mishandling, misapplication, misuse, modifications, weathering, aging,  and damage attributable to acts of God.  This warranty becomes void if repaired items are serviced by company other than Touch Up Doc.  If Customer/Homeowner satisfaction is not attained after three attempts at repairing a warranty item, Touch Up Doc reserves the right to refund Customer/Homeowner the original price paid for repair.  Touch Up Doc will not cover any losses/expenses related to this item incurred either prior to our repair, because of our repair, or subsequent to our repair.  It is the responsibility of the Customer/Homeowner to make certain instructions on proper maintenance of the repaired item have been received prior to initial cleaning or handling of repaired item and within 24 hours of Job Date.

*This warranty does not apply to tub liners, shower liners, wall surrounds and acrylic accessories (refer to Tub Liner Warranty)

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