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for fiberglass, porcelain and acrylic items such as tubs and sinks
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Thank you for letting Touch Up Doc perform your resurface!  While the look is brand new, there are a few things to know to extend the life of its surface. 


First, the resurfaced item must remain completely untouched and in a dust-free/drip-free environment for at least 24 hours for our products to cure and set properly.


Regarding cleaning:  NEVER use any abrasives or powder or crystal drain cleaners.  Products such as Comet, Ajax, and even mild abrasives like Soft Scrub will dull the resurfaced area and leave fine scratches throughout where dirt can gather and dull the finish.  Home improvement centers carry a product called Gel Gloss** which is safe to use on the resurfaced area if applied as directed.  Other recommended cleaners are Scrub Free**, Fantastik Oxypower Multi-Purpose Cleaner** and Bathroom Duck**.

NEVER use any concentrated cleaners such as Simple Green, Aadvantage, Dow Scrubbing Bubbles, nail polish remover, ammonia, Tilex, Mr. Clean, or Tough Act as these chemicals are too harsh for our products and will eat away the coating of the resurfaced item or cause chemical cracks.  Diluted cleansers such as  Windex** and Lysol** will work as well as the Gel Gloss**, Scrub Free**, Fantastik Oxypower Multi-Purpose Cleaner** and Bathroom Duck** mentioned above if applied as directed.  Use only cleaning products whose labels state that they are safe for the material of your repaired item.  Always test cleaning products on a small area before applying to complete area.


NEVER use scouring sponges or products such as ScotchBrite or S.O.S. pads on the resurfaced area.  These will scratch the paint and compromise the integrity of the resurfaced area.  For normal everyday cleaning, use cleaner with a soft washcloth and always rinse thoroughly with warm water after cleaning.


 NEVER place items which are heavy or have sharp edges where they may fall, dent, scratch or adversely come into contact with the resurfaced area.  Once a nick, chip or hole occurs, a resurfaced area is more likely to fail.


Finally, NEVER use non-skid mats or adhesives on the resurfaced area.  These trap water underneathe themselves and will weaken the resurfaced area where the water has been allowed to pool and sit over time.

 Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office during regular business hours or by e-mail.  Your complete satisfaction is our goal!!!

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